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Car rent "Aleks Rent": tame road!

Our company provides car rental facilities in the Crimea. We offer a wide range of cars from economy class to VIP. The park of cars allows to satisfy wishes of any client.

The car rent can be demanded, for example, the vacationers who have arrived to the Crimea by train either the plane or inhabitants of the Crimea who for certain reasons or have no vehicle or can not temporarily operate it (for example, the car is under repair).

Benefits of rental vehicles in our company:

  • Low prices for rental cars
  • All cars are new
  • A flexible system of discounts for regular customers

We provide vehicles of the following types for rent:

How to rent a car?

In order to take the vehicle to the rental, you need to call one of our phones +7(978) 787-03-33  or send a message to an email address or choose the right car in the catalog and press the button "Book" near .

How much does a rental car?

The price of a car rental service is determined, first of all, the class and the complete set of the vehicle, as well as the term of the lease. What would you see the prices, you can download the current . price list.